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Reuse Water and Nitrogen Levels in Our Waterways


Written By Rich Blonna

August 24, 2020


One of the best things we can do on Marco Island to clean-up our waterways is to reduce the amount of Nitrogen that we add to them. If the levels of nitrogen in our canals gets beyond a safe level it can cause overgrowth of algae and other things which cause murkiness, killing of healthy sea grass, and loss of fish and other marine life. 

This article, shared by Dr Andrew Tyler, a long-time advocate of clean waterways and beaches explains how adding fertilizer to areas that use reuse water for irrigation can be a major source of unwanted nitrogen in our waterways.


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Rich Blonna Supports Conservation Collier

Rich Blonna Supports Conservation Collier

I, Rich Blonna, want to go on record as being the first Candidate for Marco Island City Council that endorses the November 3rd Ballot Question that re-authorizes the funding for Conservation Collier.

This is a letter I sent to the Marco Island Planning Board regarding their decision to overturn a variance denial by the City.


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